Pro Sports Management’s committed team has more than twenty years of experience in the sporting and football industry, giving us the knowledge and expertise to be able to service, support and advise our clients in the best possible direction for the development of their careers and personal lives.

We put great emphasis on the guidance and marketing of our players and at the same time focus on developing the wellbeing and mental side of the individual person. Our philosophy and team approach consist of putting the needs of our players’ careers at the forefront, ensuring the peace of mind necessary so that they can concentrate on producing their best performance on the pitch.

We have an International team of representatives that includes English, Danish, Romanian, German and Brazilian members with experience in both semi and professional football. Our strong cultural social network enables us to assist with the integration of foreign players by allowing us to offer the best possible advice based on career aspirations, background, personality, lifestyle and cultural fit.

Pro Sports Management's goal is to be known as one of the best and most committed football player management companies in the business.

We look forward to assisting you!.


We know that the player’s success on the pitch can be influenced by numerous factors off the beautiful green square. That is why we offer a series of services that allow the peace of mind necessary so that our athletes can concentrate on producing their best possible performance.

Our services include:

Management of professional matters

• Finding a suitable club or player

• Negotiating transfer deals and contracts

• Image rights and commercial endorsements

• Sponsorship management

• Legal assistance

• Financial assistance

Assistance in personal matters

• Location of house / apartment

• Integration into social network

• Public relations

• Language tuition

Assistance with family matters

• Securing a job or school for your partner

• Finding a job or school for your children

• Language tuition

Long-term personal development

• Advice on defining ulterior career interest areas by highlighting transferable skills and experience

• ‘Life after playing career’ workshops: putting the athletes in the best possible position to make use of their strengths, interests, motivations and learning styles to ensure a smooth transition into a non-playing role

• Educational options (from specialisation courses to academic degrees)

• Business networking opportunities